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A Brief History:

Holly Springs Church was organized in 1835. The founders met in a log cabin near a spring not far from the present church building. There were holly trees around the spring so the church was named Holly Springs. It was on November 7, 1849 that Mr. John C. Watkins executed a deed for five acres of land to the following trustees and their successors: Sterling C. Davis, Joshua Wilson, Luke T. Watkins, Josiah Marlow, and Matthew G. Watkins for a place of divine worship known as Holly Springs Meeting House of the Methodist Church South, and for a schoolhouse for the education of the children of the neighborhood if they, the said Trustees, think proper. This deed is recorded and found in the clerk’s office, Jefferson, Georgia Book “N,” page 404, 405.


No church reports have been found from the years 1849 to 1883. The earliest record found was of a church conference dated May 18, 1883. The pastor was J.R. Parker and his report was as follows:


Twelve members have been received. Four members have died, one expelled. Four Sunday Schools on the charge. We have 4 weekly prayer meetings on the charge. The appointments are regularly met, congregations are all usually very good.


Superintendent’s Report-

The Sunday School is not very well attended by members of the church. The average attendance is about 20. Eight or nine of that number do not belong to the church at all.


Steward’s Report-

The Board of Stewards of the Circuit assessed for the support of the pastor’s care $690.00, $100.00 being the amount for this church. There has been $2.00 paid and was paid by W.R. Hancock and J.J. Watkins leaving a balance of $98.00.


Prayer Meeting discussed. It is agreed that there will be a prayer meeting every Sabbath evening.


Miscellaneous Business-

M.P. Gilbert was elected delegate and H.D. Watkins alternate to district conference. Bro. M.P. Gilbert was elected steward by the church conference.


Signed by J.R. Parker (P.C.)

H.D. Watkins, Sec.


The year 1849 is believed to be the year of construction of the sanctuary because there was a sign on the front of the building that read “Holly Springs United Methodist Church- South 1849.” This sign remained until remodeling in 1972 forced its removal.


Shortly after the sign was taken from the front of the building, Clyde Langford gave a marble market which was placed out front, near the road, with this inscription:

Holly Springs Methodist Church

Established 1849

From: J.C. Watkins

To the Trustees

Honoring: Langford-Hancock


The present church building underwent remodeling in 1972, when a porch was added to the front of the building and a portion of the auditorium was enclosed to form a Narthex with a classroom on either side. The classrooms have movable partitions facing the sanctuary which can be opened thus, expanding the auditorium to accommodate large crowds.


This brief history was researched and written by Mary Nelle Langford Isbell

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